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Provisional Agenda - "EFFECTIVE JUSTICE: International and ComparativeApproaches - Challenges of DigitalTransformation" conference (updated)

We are pleased to announce that our conference will feature nearly 40 presentations by researchers from prestigious research centres around the world.

We will be honoured by, among others, Prof.ALEKSANDAR MARŠAVELSKI (University of Zagreb, Yale LLM), Prof.MAGDALENA KOWALEWSKA-ŁUKUĆ (University of Warsaw), RODRIGODASILVABRANDALISE (State Prosecutor Brasil), Prof.CHIARAGABRIELLI (University of Urbino), LISAM.REA (President of Restorative Justice International), Prof.KRISTJANKASK (Tallinn University), Prof.SZYMONPAWELEC (University of Warsaw), and Prof. ANDREAPLANCHADELLGARGALLO (Jaume I University).

Please refer to the preliminary agenda (updated file):

AGENDA - Effective Justice Conference - FINAL (1)
Download PDF • 1.72MB

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