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Effective Justice Project Conference: Booklet with Abstracts

The Effective Justice project conference is an event that brings together researchers from different research centers who specialize in the discipline. The main focus of the conference is to increase the efficiency of criminal justice systems. Each researcher elaborates on their own idea of the area that requires optimization or affects the perception of the efficiency of the system as a whole. Thus, each presentation represents the realization of both a global and specific research goal. This conference is the culmination of three years of work by the platform, with the participation of approximately 50 researchers from around the world.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to foster cross-border dialogue and discuss values that are fundamental to any legal system. The comprehensive booklet of abstracts provides an overview of the diverse range of conference speeches. We encourage you to explore the event's agenda and reach out to the speakers to enhance your understanding of their presentations. Your active participation is crucial in shaping the discourse and contributing to the global understanding of effective justice.

We encourage you to read the booklet of abstracts available below:

EJ Booklet
Download PDF • 853KB


You can participate in the conference remotely via MS Teams or Facebook. To join the conference click the link to MS Teams below.

You can also join us for a live webcast on our Facebook profile, start: Wednesday at 9am.

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